Sean Croft


Sean Croft writes pop songs that might recall those of a synthed-up David Bowie. Sometimes they’re supported by tape driven 808s, and sometimes they have a more warbly acoustic flavor with a Juno-60 spinning around in the background. Whatever the case, there’s always a poppy hook. Central to his music is nostalgia and unreliable memories. Through half-remembered sensations and stories mixed up with his re-imaginings of everyone from Lou Reed to James Blake, he writes songs that allow him to relive and re-feel what was never actually there.


Originally from Florida, Sean Croft has played for venues such as Les Trois Baudets, La Féline and Espace B in Paris; The Rock n’ Roll Hotel in DC and Dublin Castle in London. He released one EP with his band “A Born Idler” and one album under his own name. He has lived in Argentina, Ireland, and Mozambique, and is now working on the new EP “You Said”, the prelude to a full length album to be entitled “Days”.

Originaire de Floride, Sean Croft a été invité à jouer dans des espaces tels que Les Trois Baudets, La Féline et l’Espace B à Paris; The Rock n’ Roll Hotel à DC; Dublin Castle à Londres. En 2009, il sort un EP avec son groupe “A Born Idler” et en 2011 un premier album “The Storm”. Il a vécu en Argentine, au Mozambique, et a passé une partie de son enfance entre l’Irlande et l’Afrique du Sud. Il vit actuellement à Paris où il travaille sur un nouvel EP “You Said”, prélude d’un album intitulé “Days”.